Soul Mates
Love is about surrender -- of one's heart, soul, mind, and body... The bonding of two souls... dancing... intertwining... becoming whole... complete... one... What else matters?


be still, my beating heart...



When you meet your soul mate,
this person will have an instantaneous effect on you.
A soul mate is someone who makes your knees go weak
and takes your breath away.
With but a single glance they lessen your burden,
and but a smile, touch your heart.

You will feel a sense of total connection with this person.
They will touch you so deeply on so many levels
that you will want to share you innermost secrets.
For the first time in your life
someone will make you feel almost like a god.
Once you have met your soul mate, for better or sometimes worse,
your life will never be the same...

One of the things which makes this encounter so unique
is the sense of a profound spiritual experience.
You both feel like this is meant to be
and that you've been together before in a past incarnation.
When you meet your soul mate something happens
the deep yearning, the compelling energy drawing you
to become physically intimate overwhelms many...

Nothing will have ever felt so right...
There's a sense of safety with this person.
You knowingly let go of your defenses
as a deep empathic bond is formed.
Unlike any other relationships you may have had,
there will be no game playing or hidden agendas, only truth...

There is something about the passion you share with a soul mate
that goes so far beyond just the physical body.
For a moment in time you two are the only
ones who exist in the universe.
Hearts beating in rhythm as your souls
have intertwined themselves becoming one.
Your spiritual energies meld and you feel the flame of creation
move through you like a wave of the ocean on a hot summer's day.
Soon you begin to lose track
of where you begin and your partner ends...

From within the depths of your exquisitely passionate union,
your soul mate will know exactly how and where to touch you.
It will be different, more intense, and more gratifying
than any lover from your past...
And more electrifying than anything you have ever imagined...
They will look into your eyes
and you will feel your soul open wide.
For some people, there is the "rush".
All the love, all the lust,
and all the need will surge forth
from your soul like captives from a cage.

At this moment you will know
what it means to get lost within someone's eyes.
You will experience a realization you have never felt before
and your desire and passion will rise to new levels.
But in the end, as you lay there,
as the warm afterglow begins to fade,
you will realize what just happened was not merely sex.
Sex pales in comparison to what you have just experienced...
To put it simply, your soul mate will be able
to make love to you in ways no one else will ever be able to match...

~~ Unknown
(and somewhat embellished by the Goddess, who knows of what she speaks
your life will never, ever be the same...)


I know in my heart that we have met somewhere before, somewhere in a distant time and place. I can't explain these feelings I have, or where they are coming from. Is it something you said, or the special way you treat me that makes me feel this way?

I feel as though our souls are connected in a special way. I feel the warmth of your presence always beside me wherever I go. I feel a comfort I've never known before. When I'm down you can always bring a smile to my face. The distance between us is so far, yet I always feel you here beside me.

With all these feelings I have deep in my heart, I just know that I've known you somewhere before.... somewhere in time. You are my past, and now you are my future. Thank you for all you give to me and all that you are.

~~ Unknown


Perception of the All-in-One: Behind the veil of illusion you realize that your partner is woman in all her guises: goddess, queen, perfect lover, sister, mother, childhood companion; lewd temptress too, man-eater, whore, black witch, angry Kali: devourer of worlds. Only the persuasive simplicity of the commonplace vision habitually blind you to the fact that She in all her moods and costumes continually plays for your sake at the game of embodiment. In your relationship you two take turns imitating for each other all the male and female roles that crowd your imagination images out of dreams, movies, childhood books hiding (and seeking) behind the familiar masks that pulled you together in the beginning. The image of All-in-One supports the notion of spiritual monogamy: there is truly only one Goddess(God) and She(He) is now, was, and ever will be at your side.

~~ Nick Herbert


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Love is about surrender -- of one's heart, soul, mind, and body... The bonding of two souls... dancing... intertwining... becoming whole... complete... one... What else matters?

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