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It is through the emotions that we are ever eager to move forward, and as a result we also experience the joys and the sorrows of our actions. It is through the emotions that we feel sympathy with others, gained through our own experiences of pain and distress. We become more sensitive and aware within ourselves; we also experience the kindness as well as the thoughtlessness of others. It is through the emotions, as well as the intellect, that we feel anger at perceived injustice, or approval of right conduct, and thus we learn how to behave more correctly towards others.

Know that you are not and never have been separate from your Source. You truly have never been separate from each other. You have never really been separate from all of the brothers and sisters you have on countless planets throughout the galaxies. You have never been separate from any creature of your planet. Not separate from your Sun and your Moon; not separate from any leaf, or blade of grass, or flower that blossoms in your garden. You have forgotten, that is all, and in your pain and in your judgment of who you are, you have closed down.

As one becomes more spiritual in nature, thinking only of the welfare of others and not of power and greed, the higher the molecules of one's being will vibrate. As we know in our dimension, it is possible for these molecules to vibrate so rapidly that the frequency becomes pure light. This is why we call ourselves the Forces of Light. We depend on the light from The Source The Creator, God, for our existence.

If incarnating spirits on Earth could carry with them even a faint recollection of the joys and beauties of the Spiritual Sphere it would make it impossible for them to remain in tenancy of a physical body. To drink deep from the cup of experience it is necessary to contact life in it's lowest form of manifestation. In order to do this you have to slow down your vibrations to a very slow rate and come under the cumbersome laws which govern that form of matter. To one who remembered what life really is, the ache to return would be so intolerable that no spirit could hold down an Earthly body. It is a merciful provision of God that such memories are temporarily veiled.

The veil and the sensation of separation, while essential to the "Earth Experience", are illusions, not reality. We are forever linked to the Creator, to our past and future, and to those above who stand always ready to help and guide us. It is important to remember, especially during our more difficult periods of Earth incarnation, that we have never been nor can ever be separate from our Creator and from all of Creation above and below us.

Yet this "forgetfulness" of reality is a necessary part of our evolution and our learning experience. Our world of individuality, separateness and strife may well be an "illusion" as Buddhism and many occult philosophies tell us; but it is an illusion which must appear real to us if we are to learn from it.

But to us here on Earth, Evil is the path of self, of ego, of separation from the rest of Creation, a separateness leading us into exploitation and conflict in our relationships with one another, and the abuse of the planet and the animal kingdom which we consider to exist purely for our personal exploitation and gratification.

In contrast, the path of Good is found in placing the self not above, nor below others, but among them, respecting them as we would have them respect us. And this applies equally to all life-forms. The worm's life may be unimportant to you, just as your life is incomprehensible to the worm; but the worm's life is important to the worm, just as yours is to you. From this basis of equality we can then develop the concept of service to others, graduating ultimately to the radiation of unconditional love which is the mark of Higher Beings.

Good and Evil are very real to us here on Earth, and must remain so. Thus we need to maintain a difficult "balancing act".

On the one hand we must strive to comprehend and remain constantly aware of the ultimate objectives for which we must aim: namely the Universal Laws of Right Conduct and Highest Wisdom. As we do so we attempt to avoid and reject the opposites of self-centeredness and ego-motivated aggression.

On the other hand as we inevitably "fall" into wrong thought and wrong actions we can at least learn from them by making ourselves fully aware of their effects upon ourselves and other life-forms around us, and ultimately rejecting them in full understanding. In this way we are enriched by the experience of "evil" and its consequences.

Throughout the journey of evolution we are faced with choices. Indeed without free choice the very concept of evolution could not come into being. We cannot become individuals following the path of Highest Wisdom through personal conscious choice until we have experienced the alternatives and their effects. Free choice allows the individual to choose between the path of Highest Wisdom and the path of Self, then having done so, to experience to the full the consequences of each decision.

Many of the great masters, teachers, and occult traditions confirm that here on Planet Earth free choice is put to its greatest test under the most difficult conditions.

Through free choice we create for good or evil, and having done so we must then experience the results of our creation. This is a continuing process and exists throughout the spectrum of life. We make choices and create the results from moment to moment and from life to life, both as individuals and collectively as communities, nations, races, and religious groupings. We can escape neither choice nor the results of it. We can only observe, experience, assimilate, and learn from our choices and the effects which they have on ourselves, on other living beings and on our planetary home, then having learned and gained in wisdom, amend our future conduct accordingly.

As we experience the trials and tribulations of Earth we are often moved to ask why we are undergoing such misfortunes. In reality it is we who have chosen both our Earth incarnation and its specific circumstances. All the difficult confrontations in our lives have been pre-planned by us with the help of our Guides on the Higher Planes and with our total agreement, so that we may confront, overcome and learn from them. Rejecting, opposing or failing to fully embrace the lessons we have come to learn will only delay the process and cause unnecessary pain. By recognizing and contemplating our errors and assimilating the lessons to be learned from them, we can flow with the learning process and derive the maximum benefit from what is universally regarded on other levels as a unique learning environment.

Earth is a planet of learning, not a planet of perfection. But its imperfections are of our own making and it is therefore within our power, individually and collectively, to rectify them.

We live within a "veil of unknowing", hence it is not possible for us to look into the future.

The Law of Karma is also known as the Law of Balance. In the process of living, evolving, experimenting and learning, our actions affect others either harmfully or beneficially, thus incurring numerous and often complex debts. The Law of Karma requires that the effects which our actions have on others, including the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, must always be balanced. When we harm others we incur a debt. When others harm us they incur a debt. Debts for good or evil, owed to us or by us, must be repaid. Similarly, when you injure yourself, perhaps through misuse of the physical body, you create an imbalance, a debt to yourself which must be repaid by your comprehension and rejection of such actions. All, in the end, must balance.

Through this Law of Balance, or Cause and Effect, we experience and learn from the results of our chosen actions and those of others.

From wrong actions taken in specific sets of circumstances, wrong effects follow; we must then revisit and recreate those sets of circumstances again and again until, having learnt from the ill effects of taking the wrong path, we choose the right path. This is the Law of Karma. Tests will be instigated by our higher spiritual self and repeated until they are "passed" by our acknowledgment, acceptance and assimilation of the lesson to be learnt. Challenges will be planned by us and repeated until they are overcome. This process can take place as a short lesson lasting one moment or one day; or it can take place over a lifetime, or several lives, several incarnations. But we ourselves require that our lessons must, in the end, be learned thoroughly.

Similarly our "good" actions, actions which show respect for other lifeforms, those "random acts of kindness" which benefit others, set in motion a positive chain reaction.

The Law of Karma works "automatically". We magnetically attract to ourselves "bad" experiences when we have a need to learn from them. Likewise when we do not need to learn a particular lesson, we will not be touched by danger or evil. We resonate magnetically towards good and bad experiences, drawing them to us when we have need to learn from them.

Do not see karma only as a plus or minus column in a divine accountant's book in which is recorded what you owe to someone because of the wrong that you have done them! It does not work in that way. It is rather a teaching process in which you learn from what you have done. It is you that has created those ripples on the pond of life and they will in turn affect you. The purpose of karma is not punishment. It is rather a process of balance and education.

We have to also understand that what we give in the form of energy, creativity or effort (power) to the universe, we will eventually have returned to us. Likewise, that which we take from the universe in the form of the energy or creativity of others, is a debit which must ultimately be balanced by our further giving.

The Universe is run by a plan, and that plan has divided the power, or the creativity, proportionately. If you demand of the Universe more than your portion, it will dish out your portion and then that's it, because there isn't more of it for you. If you try to take it from other people, it might seem to work for a while because some people don't know how to hold on to their power and they'll give it away. But the Universe is a great equalizer, and if you give away your power, the Universe is going to redistribute it not necessarily among people on the physical level, but it may use it to build new universes, another kind of use.


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